Review for PS Plus’ October Offerings plus EXCLUSIVE Contents!

This month of September, another awesome lineup for PS Plus Free games are currently available from 6th of October to the 3rd of November.

1.) Resident Evil “HD Remastered” (PS4)

Starting off with Resident Evil, I have played all resident evil games; resident evil 1, original box zombies of PS1 and more, now the characters and zombies look amazing for example the zombies with holes in the shirts/flesh you can see the different layers which adds to the chill factor of zombies.

Even after all these years and times I have played these resident evil games I still feel tense and even make the odd involuntary sound now and then, I have opted to use the original controls for my play through as this feels more like a resident evil game to me these controls work just as good/poorly as they always have but the new control scheme didn’t quite do it for me made it too easy to turn and run from a zombie. Watching your character react as they back away from the undead just adds to the atmosphere, speaking of which the atmosphere is still there helped by the new shadow systems and sound quality, unfortunately the static images for the rooms/environments etc have not really aged well, however that is just small detail but the overall quality of everything else just about compensates for that.

Definitely one of the best free games released for this year’s Playstation plus free games as Resident Evil HD Remaster is undeniable a truly great game, and a classic that defines survival horror at his best. This is a game that not everyone can play, but a great experience that everyone should have.

2.) Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

Above all of the individual parts of Lords of the Fallen, combat takes center stage. Watch just a few seconds of the game and you’ll quickly realize the heavy influence of the Dark Souls series. Death is your friend, patience is a virtue, and being quick on those button presses is a must. Just as in that brutal series, Lords of the Fallen requires you to focus heavily on the enemy in front of you – learning its moves, tells, and openings. The more observant you are the better you’ll fare. Though the combat of the two games resembles each other, Lords of the Fallen does have its own distinct feeling in that mainly it’s more arcade-y. This arcade feeling results in a slightly “easier” sensation during combat, though be warned it is JUST a feeling, nothing more.

Harkyn, our main character, has been released from prison to fight against a group of old gods that have come back to the world. The markings on his face give him, and the world, a reminder of his heinous crime and why he was imprisoned though that is something which is never explained to us. Similarly we are introduced to a wide group of characters but we never learn much about them other than their names. Honestly though in a game that is so focused on combat and killing you do story/characters really matter? No. No, they don’t.

To begin Harkyn’s journey you have to select what class you would like to play as – a fast and agile rogue, a hard-hitting tank, or something in between. Each play style will drastically change the difficulty of the game but thankfully you can customize your character’s stats as you go. This customization allows for any character to be fast and agile or a hard-hitting tank. Additionally any weapon can be used with the only restrictions being on specific level requirements. The giant number of weapons available along with the level of customization that is present provides a strong replay value. It gives you ample reason to take a second or third stroll through the campaign.

Upon selecting a starting class you’ll also have a choice between three distinct magic pools to use during your playthrough. Each one offers different spells that aid you in battle. Without telling you which spell pool to pick there is one that I found which made the entire game, from beginning to end, easy. As you approach the end of the game you’ll even be given the chance to choose spells from the other beginning pools to add to your death-dealing prowess.

Leveling up comes from the experience you gain in slaying Harkyn’s foes. Lords of the Fallen introduces a unique twist on the Dark Souls leveling system as you can store the experience you’ve gained for use later. When coming across one of the many save points throughout the world you’ll have a chance to store the experience you’ve gained as either Ability Points or Spell Points. Additionally if you want to take a chance you can pass up the ability to bank your points and take a risk by pressing on taking on more enemies. The appeal here comes into play when you realize that the more experience you are carrying, the more experience will drop from the enemies.

If you are looking for a fun, deep RPG that balances well on the edge of being fun and outlandishly difficult then Lords of the Fallen deserves your attention. I cannot wait to re-start Harkyn’s adventure again, killing countless enemies and learning new stuffs in the game.

3.) Samurai Warriors 4 (PSVita)
I have enjoyed every Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors that has come out and this is one of the bes tof them. Tecmo Koei know what there fans want and like and they make sure we get it, Every game has the Story and Free mode and then there is another mode which is different in every version of the game.

Samurai Warriors 4 has Chronicle mode where you create your own Samurai and travel Japan fighting in battles and meeting all the famous officers that are in the game to try and bond with them.

Specking of characters to play this has the biggest roster to date in any of there games I think with 55 to pick from and 12 of them playable for the first time.

Story mode has gone the way of Dynasty Warriors meaning there are 10 different stories for 10 different clans of the warring states, Takeda and Shimazu to name 2, as anybody who enjoy the other Samurai Warriors game will love this and those that have not yet should give it a try as this is one fun addicting game.

Especially if you are one of the people who appreciate this series’ unique brand of action packed gameplay, then there is plenty to like in Samurai Warriors 4,  the gameplay system in the series, combined with a great setting, a massive amount of content, and the all new Survival Mode make this game an easy sell for the fan.

4.) Prince of Persia Revelations (PSVita)
For those who haven’t played a recent Prince of Persia game, you play as the titular prince, who possesses extraordinary acrobatic abilities. The prince can run up and along walls, jump great distances, climb up poles, walk a tightrope across narrow beams, and scale sheer rock faces using narrow crevices as handholds. He’s basically a Cirque du Soleil performer and champion rock climber all in one, and you’ll need every last bit of his athleticism to navigate the cleverly designed environmental puzzles. Much of the game is spent staring at the room you’re in, trying to figure out how exactly you’re going to get from the floor all the way up to a doorway high above you. Solving these environmental puzzles and simply figuring out how to get from point A to point B is great fun in Revelations, just as it was in the other recent Prince of Persia games.

The prince is also a champion swordfighter, and in Revelations you’ll be fighting lots of sand creatures, as well as a few bosses. You can wield either a single sword, or you can pick up weapons from dead enemies or from weapon racks to dual-wield. The combination moves you can pull off depend on whether you choose to dual-wield or use a single weapon, but the fighting engine offers quite a variety of moves either way. You can vault off walls to attack, spin off of poles, climb up and over enemies to slash them from above and behind, throw enemies, and even throw your offhand weapon. There are also a variety of bloody, gory finishing moves that are satisfying to do and watch. You can grapple with, decapitate, or even cut in half weakened enemies once you learn the nuances of the fighting system. Spectacular moves are highlighted by the camera zooming in and going into slow motion. However, most people will find that the fighting isn’t really the highlight of the game, as it often boils down to pulling off the same combos over and over again.

As you make your way through the campaign, you’ll unlock a number of sand powers that let you do interesting things with time. One of these powers is recall, which gives you the ability to rewind time a few seconds. This comes in handy as you navigate the puzzles and traps throughout the levels. If you make a mistake and die or take a lot of damage, you can simply rewind and try again. Another sand power is basically like Max Payne’s bullet time, which lets you move at full speed while the rest of the environment and enemies are in slow motion. This gives you a great advantage in combat. Other sand powers are area-effect spells that stun multiple enemies. The sand powers consume sand in your sand tanks, and you can replenish these by defeating enemies or by breaking boxes and other furniture in the environment.

as I mentioned earlier that Revelations is pretty much the same game as Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Indeed, you’ll find that the game’s campaign is largely the same, offering the same environments, puzzles, and enemies as Warrior Within. Therefore, if you’ve already played that game on console or PC, Revelations will be familiar to you and will play out very similarly. You still set sail for the Island of Time at the beginning of the game, embittered by years of the Dahaka time monster chasing after you. You eventually arrive at the island and begin your search for the Empress of Time so that you can change your fate. The main difference between Revelations and Warrior Within is that a few new levels have been thrown in, which lengthen the adventure by a couple of hours. Some of the new puzzles you face are pretty fiendish, so you’ll need to pay close attention and bring your thinking cap.

Revelations would have been a truly excellent port of a great action adventure game. The added content is a nice consolation, but if you’ve already played Warrior Within, the new levels alone aren’t necessarily worth the price of admission. For longtime Prince of Persia fans who can’t get enough, or for those who are fiending for a good action game on the go, Revelations will probably still be enjoyable.

5.) Mad Riders (PS3)

Now with Mad Riders, as an off-road arcade racers go, Mad Riders deals with mostly familiar standards. Your chosen all-terrain vehicle features a boost meter, which can be fueled up by performing midair tricks and quickly sliding around corners. Driving through some lines of colour-coded tokens gated along specific parts of a track also provides you with small supplements of boost, while driving through others grants you the option to open up previously hidden shortcuts. You can also gain boost by performing stunts three times in a single jump and maintaining your boost unabated for just a few seconds. This system also works the other way around by providing an occasional boost to the poor soul stuck lagging behind in last place.

Doing all of these things, as well as winning races and making good time in checkpoint-based trials contributes XP to your overall level. This grants you access to more ATVs with their own relative attributes and new tournaments and modes. However, the statistical differences between each ATV are far too negligible to take seriously, as the game’s frenzied pacing never necessitates any sort of performance-based consideration. This dampens the weight of the progression when levelling up and unlocking better ATVs, since you never really feel a strong need to upgrade. Plus, because you don’t get a good look at your ride during races, spending time customising its colours and appearance is a rather moot undertaking.

The online multiplayer modes are the same as those found in the single-player component, allowing up to 12 players to take part. A sense of speed is well maintained throughout, and playing with others helps to liven up the otherwise dull racing.

Between its pleasant visuals and nostalgia for the Sega-styled arcade racer scene, Mad Riders could have been more enjoyable than it is. Instead, it’s just plain boring. More than anything, it simply feels like a game you’ve played a hundred times before. This lack of personality makes Mad Riders difficult to recommend when there are better, more accomplished racers out there.

6.) Tom Clancy’s Endwar (PS3)

Tom Clancy’s EndWar is a real-time strategy or real-time tactics game, unfortunately neglected by its developers, released in 2008 and featuring a World War 3 where your decisions decide the course of the war. It involves three factions – the USA, the European Federation  and the Russian Federation. The interesting thing about EndWar is that it is not like other RTS or RTTs – you do not decide where each army strikes, or what to research, or even if you want to make nice with China so it invades Russia – you are a mere colonel in a special operations branch of your faction’s army, and the only control you have over the world is where you deploy. Whether you win or lose the battle as a result of said deployment changes whether your faction grows or shrinks. Other world events, such as typhoons or the U.S.S. George Bush being sunk by your nation’s WMD and airstrikes are communicated through the world map’s news service.

The campaign is split into two parts – a Prelude to War, in which the game explains the backstory and the game mechanics, as well as how and why World War III erupted and to give you a feel for each faction, and the Third World War itself. The AI is competent depending on difficulty level (On normal, for example, it is fairly competent, while on the hardest difficulty it is very competent), and the graphics are good for a game released in 2008.

All-in-all, I would very much recommend this game to everyone as it is action packed real time strategy game.


Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Theme
The Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Theme which is available for download from 6th of october to the 3rd of november

Alienation Theme
The Alienation Theme ready for grabs as a free download from the 6th of october to the 3rd of october

TORO World Clock Theme
Grab TORO World Clock theme for free within the dates of October 6 till the 3rd of october

Another batch of free games for PSN Plus players with Resident Evil, Lords of the Fallen as the standout. Who knows what’s coming next! We Know PlayStation is the best Console out there so let’s chill, relax and play on Playstation!

Check out the Playstation store here.

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