Review for PS Plus’ September Offerings plus EXCLUSIVE Contents!

This month of September, another awesome lineup for PS Plus Free games are currently available from September 8th to October 5th.

1.) Journey (PS4 / PS3)

Starting off with Journey,  Journey celebrates the poignancy of nature, it startles you with the unexpected, and empowers you in an exhilarating, unforgettable conclusion. The hours spent completing Journey will create memories that last for years

Now, this is the first time I play Journey. And I must admit that this game is one of the best games ever made. Everything from this game is so much compelling and emotional. At the start, the game already make you feel this game will epic. And it is much more than that. Simple gameplay but meaningful journey through all the levels of the game. You feel like this game is made for you.

And the most special feature of this game is coop online. You will never know who is your companion until the credit end and the name of that companion will appear. And when nearly the end of the journey there will be a cutscene that show 2 player journey together through everything. You will care about your companion as your friend a lot. Sometime when they get caught by a monster, you will try to help them. You just can talk with him/her by pressing O, I mean give him/her signal.

The graphic to music of the game are super fantastic. One of the best music and graphics I have ever seen. The game used exactly lightning and shadows at the right time to give the landscape more phenomenal. The music also give you so much emotions and bring you to tears.

Overall, this game is the best experience on my life. One of the best game lineup for this month’s free game and this game may live longer everytime you visit the journey of JOURNEY again.

2.) Rebel Galaxy (PS4)

Next up in line is Rebel Galaxy, Rebel Galaxy did put a smile on my face. It’s an ambitious little game that regrettably tries too hard to grab something out of its reach, but what it does get its hands on is excellent.

Now, Rebel Galaxy sends players cruising back and forth across the galaxy from space stations to nebulae to asteroid belts to planets and beyond on a series of fetch quests, enemy encounters, and experience grinding.  Galaxy residents will ask you to run their errands for them, and commonly there is more than one way to accomplish these tasks.  Suppose you’re sent to retrieve ore, for instance.  You can either set a course to the asteroid field and mine the rocks for their bounty or track down a miner who has some of the ore to sell you.  If you don’t like the price of the ore or just plain don’t want to pay, you can start a battle to steal it.  All that matters is returning with the ore, and whether you want to achieve that as an upstanding citizen or as a dirty space pirate is completely up to you.  Officially allying with factions can often help you achieve these things more efficiently.

There’s a lot to do in Rebel Galaxy, also that the overall presentation is fantastic with some of the prettiest space environments I’ve seen on the PS4 and the guitar rock soundtrack is refreshingly catchy.  All of the pieces are there for this game to be something special and a it is a great innovative shooting game which is worth to try.

3.) TouKiden (PSVita)
Let me say this first, so to begin wtih, Toukiden: Kiwami is an awful lot like Monster Hunter, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, Capcom’s popular beast-hunting franchise has yet to make its way to the PlayStation 4, and in the absence of the original, a well-intentioned imitation is more than welcome.

It helps that, while derivative, Toukiden: Kiwami is also pretty fun. In Toukiden, players assume the role of a Slayer, a soldier who protects Japan from Oni, evil spirits who prowl the land and prey on the innocent. That’s a formidable task, and thankfully, players won’t have to go at it alone: up to three other party members can join the Slayer on his/her hunts.

And the hunts are what Toukiden is all about. Like Monster Hunter, Toukiden follows a very specific pattern which is where players kill Oni and harvest their body parts, take the spoils back to town, use the loot to build stronger weapons and armor, and then take that gear onto the battlefield to hunt stronger monsters. There are a few different types of missions – sometimes, Slayers have to hunt a specific type of Oni, while other times they just have to clear all the enemies from an area – but they all boil down to the same thing: just kill everything.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Toukiden Kiwami and will likely continue to do so for many, many hours. It’s a fast-paced hunter game and this makes this game one of most fun cooperative play on PlayStation Vita.

4.) Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PSVita)j4.jpg

A very fun hack and slash experience. Shinovi Versus however improves on almost all the issues in burst. The gameplay is great with tight controls, smooth framerate, and awesome level design. The hack and slash gameplay is flawless and the levels are full of several enemies to battle while the storyline is also very entertaining as each of the characters are funny and full of personality as there are 20 character stories and 4 school stories which fills the game with hours of content including an excellent online multiplayer.

There are lots of breasts in this game. Like, a lot, a lot. There is so many pairs to choose from, it’s almost overwhelming. Dress up. Oh gosh. The things you can do while their dressing is pretty lewd. Needless to say, do this while no one is watching you. Bunny outfits, school uniforms, ‘barely there’ armor, panties, accessories and more enable you to spend oodles of time doting on your favorite girls. Protip: it’s funny to give the small chested ones the clothing geared for big breasts.

The only problem is the boss fights as almost every single boss is a minion fight plus a boss and it gets very annoying especially bear enemies combined with a boss. Overall Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus is a fun and enjoyable experience and I recommend this title to anyone looking for a great time as everything about this game, the soundtracks and even including the environment interactions with the game is just awesome!

5.) From Dust (PS3)
What if you had the powers of a god? The earth would shift at your whim and the seas would tremble at your touch. You could raise mountains, divert rivers, and transform dry deserts into lush forests. From Dust grants you these powers and more, and it’s satisfying to wield them as you try to safely usher a small tribe of humans through a perilous world. Yet, for all your world-molding abilities, you are not omnipotent. Like the villagers you shelter, you must contend with the inexorable power of nature. From the subtle influence of gravity and erosion to the devastating forces of volcanoes and tsunamis, nature compels you to adapt to survive. This task can get difficult, especially when touchy controls, finicky pathfinding, and unforeseeable disasters conspire against you. Yet the challenge of being a lesser god is an engaging one, and From Dust makes it even more enticing with appealing visuals and evocative music.

Ubisoft really made a good job with this game as From Dust makes you feel powerful, you guide an entire civilization towards prosperity, modify the landscape to your designs, and wield tremendous abilities that are truly godly. The sandbox you get to wield these powers in is stunning, with realistic settings that evoke awe. While anyone interested in “god games” or environmental puzzles should definitely pick up From Dust, it deserves to be on every gamers’ radar as it represents the potential rebirth of a genre. While not absolutely perfect, From Dust certainly is divine enough to add some new converts to the long dormant “god game” genre. Hallelujah!

6.) Datura (PS3)

Datura is a first person view interactive exploration, where you are exploring a forest and solving puzzles to let you proceed with your exploration. The forest is filled with various objects for you to interact with. An ancient tree trunk sports a mask that you can rip off, a fountain spouts water from the mouth of a stone fish, and a hazardous-looking wooden shack houses an air rifle and targets for you to shoot. The way you interact with each object varies

Your interactions with objects form the bulk of your adventure. There are no real puzzles to solve, save for a few where you have to combine objects, and those are not at all that much rewards. It’s all about the exploration, which would be fine if there were a decent narrative to drive it. Instead, each object you interact with results in a strange flashback to another place, where you might be driving a car, hacking through sheets of ice to save a person trapped underneath, or floating through a tunnel of swirling colors and ambient beats. There’s no coherence to any of these events–it’s all just a bit too out there to make any sense.

Not my type of game really but if you guys want to try it out, you can also utilize Playstation Move Controllers for this game.

Exclusive Content
September’s free games just couldn’t stop getting better as they release one more exclusive game and two original soundtracks for Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo and Kingsglaive! Without further ado let us continue for one more free game!

7.) Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4)

I was gonna say Journey ranked 1, but playstation surprised us with this one with Gravity Rush Remastered, Playstation added the game as Free Exclusive Download from September 15 until October 5.  Now, Gravity Rush offers an intriguing lead character, Kat, who can manipulate gravity at will. This power allows her to float, walk on ceilings, carry heavy objects, and fall in any direction–almost as if she can fly. You take control of her after she wakes up with amnesia in the whimsical city-in-the-sky, Hekseville, which was torn apart by a nearby gravitational disturbance, separating neighborhoods from one another and introducing alien-like enemies known as Nevi.

Hekseville can be dangerous as a result, but it’s also expansive and chock full of architectural features and hidden collectibles, making it a veritable playground with Kat’s powers at your fingertips. It also bears a vibrant, steampunk-ish aesthetic that offers plenty of visual splendor to take in while hurdling through the sky, at times resembling the works of Studio Ghibli.

Though you start as an awkward superhero with limited range, speed, and strength, you find your footing as time goes on, and using your powers becomes second-nature in short order. More than sheer experience, it’s the variety of scenarios that you encounter which inform your understanding of Kat’s abilities and limitations. You do spend a lot of time falling in a straight line at first, but there are sections that call for more complex maneuvers later on, such as winding through dense city streets or gliding along the surface of ramps in a manner similar to snowboarding. Where you may have faltered and crash-landed by accident in the early hours, you gracefully zip through the air and mitigate mistakes quicker after a few hours in Kat’s shoes.

Gravity Rush comes off as formulaic at times, but it’s also a wonderful joyride that’s been enhanced by a generous remastering effort that makes it feel right at home on PS4. Despite its problems, Gravity Rush is an adventure worth taking not just because there’s hardly anything like it, but because it leverages its distinct gameplay to great effect, freeing you from the hold of gravity in a world worth exploring, definitely one of the greatest games ever given this year for Playstation Plus subscribers!

Another batch of free games for PSN Plus players with the exclusive Gravity Rush Remastered, Journey and Senran Kagura as the standout. Who knows what’s coming next! We Know PlayStation is the best Console out there so let’s chill, relax and play on Playstation!

Check out the Playstation store here.
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