Unauthorized transaction made by a hacker on Playstation store. Resolved with the help of Playstation Asia’s Customer Support

To begin with I had SGD 64.74 funds on my wallet, I am saving up to pre-order Final Fantasy XV when suddenly someone ordered this:

I received this email one minute after the purchase was made, I do not know who made this request as I never gave anyone my username, email-address and password. I am well aware not to login to any websites and basically I only login through Playstation Singapore’s website to check what is new. I’ve been so confused how was it possible that someone would know such sensitive details, even my wife or anyone in the whole world does now know of my password.

So I tried logging in and the password does not work, so I had to go and utilize forgot password, the forgot password was very helpful and I was able to access my account as soon as possible. So I had to contact Customer support via email, as my request is to get back the funds that were used to conduct this unauthorized transaction. They asked me important details on how to retrieve back my funds and I did not hesitate to trust Playstation, I mean hey, they ARE my childhood buddies (refers to consoles) and I will never doubt them, so after sending the information and my request, they responded with a new email but this time they asked for the console’s serial number, located in the physical console.

Now good thing that my Playstation 4 is activated as my Primary PS4, so as soon as I gave them the information that they needed, they responded saying that an escalation has been made and that they will update me once they have news. So, I patiently waited, but patience was growing thin. VERY THIN. because 20 days has passed and before 20 days, passed I sent a few emails asking what happened, even went to Playstation Asia‘s Facebook page to inquire what happened, they couldn’t respond to my message, I wasn’t angry and of course their facebook page is more on exposing games, game events, livestream and more but not really to the point of assisting escalation concerns on my point of view. So I do not want to disturb them but just wait for the response, I know they will respond with an answer to my request. So I hang on to Playstation’s Asia that they will update me.

and surprisingly, on the 3rd week of waiting (21 days), an email came.
Prof 1

When I saw that the money was refunded back to my PSN account, I saw so happy! They did not let me down. they fulfilled my request, not that quick yes, but what is important is that they were able to fulfill the promise that they have made, that they will respond and fulfill the request.
Prof 2.jpg
I am happy and satisfied with their customer support, so basically to everyone who might experience this I would like to give some tips:

• Change your password if you doubt someone knows of it
• Turn on password required on check out
• Be aware of the conditions set on sub-accounts
• Do not log in with your PSN account anywhere as there are hundreds of phising sites.

Again, I love Playstation ❤

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