Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo

Odin sphere was Originally released in May 2007, the game tells the interlocking stories of five different protagonists and was published for Playstation 2. I have been playing this game for a very long time during my highschool days and I love it. So as soon as I saw that they released a Demo version on the Playstation 4, I had to check what’s new. I played with all 5 characters on the Demo and uploaded the gameplay to youtube,

Now Odin Sphere is divided into several chapters, during which the story of one of the five playable characters progressively unfolds. Within the acts of each chapter, the player can obtain information relating to the upcoming “mission”, as well as buy and sell goods prior to setting off for the next destination. There is an overarching chronological story that is split among the five characters, with their individual stories intersecting at places (for example, early on within Gwendolyn’s progression, Gwendolyn will fight Velvet, an event duplicated in Velvet’s story progression). As a result, the player will slowly experience the entire sequence of events from each characters’ limited point of view. Only one character story is available at the start, but as the player completes those stories, the “books” for other characters unlock one at a time.

The story is quite awesome as I already finished this game on the Playstation 2 version but I hope the story has some twist or secrets with its version now on the Playstation 4. Most of the characters’ attack pattern has changed, new skills, better graphics and I love it!

I’m definitely going to buy Odin Sphere and play again ❤


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