I Won @ PlayStation®Plus Helldivers Skill Challenge!

This is my very first entry to join a competition against Professional players as Playstation said: “Hardcore, cooperative PS4® shooter “Helldivers” is one of the most popular games among PlayStation® fans. They know that many of us players are now very skillful at the game (especially good at not to be killed by friendly-fire LOL), so they decided to hold a “Helldivers™
Skill Challenges” exclusively for PlayStation®Plus members from 4 Feb to 14 Feb to test our skills as a Helldiver!

As they had two challenges which were

Award One: The Most Perfect Mission Award

The 3 persons who finish any one mission of Level 5 in Bug Faction with the shortest time will be awarded! All objectives have to be completed.(Objectives)。

Award Two: The Most Powerful Shooter

The 3 persons who have the most number of kills in any one mission of Level 5 in Cyborg Faction will be awarded! All objectives have to be completed. If the numbers of kills are the same, then the one with less number of deaths will get
the prize.

I was so happy to get the first place on the challenge “The Most Powerful Shooter” and that my entry was featured at PlayStation’s Blog! Woooot! You can check it here.

You can see here that I was utilizing the walker to defeat enemies especially the hard robots who were using shields as the walker’s rocket was very effective for the big guys who had shields and the minigun’s huge stack of ammo for light enemies. Knowing that I was low level compared to the high levels participating for this competition. I have never been so happy to see my entry featured and won first prize.

You can watch my Video Entry here.

I bought a Just Dance 2016 with the Voucher that I won from the Challenge for my family to play. Thank you so much PlayStation for giving us this challenge to participate! As I was not alone when I was playing this game, I had my siblings working coop with me to get the best path how to win the challenge.

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