Finally Diamond Division! League of Legends PH

I have been playing League of legends for twice every two or three days in a week as my Job requires me to answer as a Chat Support, I had time to spare as it isn’t that heavy or piled up (Queing)

So yes! Finally Diamond Division is currently my rank now. This should have been my rank a few years ago during season III as I was at Platinum I during November 1st week of 2013. but that Infamous typhoon Haiyan Yolanda came, internet and electricity was out and I was not able to get my rank to Diamond Division.

But hey, Thanks to God and his amazing grace that Me, my family, relatives and friends were alive after the storm. Malzahar and Irelia has really been quite a big help to me during my stay in the Platinum Division.

Anyways here we go! Diamond Division finally. I’m seeing a lot of players but not that many as our division seems to be consisted D11of new “Recruits” in the Division.  I can’t wait to become Master and then challenger soon as all ranking players in League of Legends wants to become Challenger, I will not let them beat me!  *Evil Laugh*

If you guys want to play with me in League of Legends Philippines, Add me up, NextrickGeared Blog

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