Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo

Odin sphere was Originally released in May 2007, the game tells the interlocking stories of five different protagonists and was published for Playstation 2. I have been playing this game for a very long time during my highschool days and I love it. So as soon as I saw that they released a Demo version on the Playstation 4, I had to check what’s new. I played with all 5 characters on the Demo and uploaded the gameplay to youtube,

Now Odin Sphere is divided into several chapters, during which the story of one of the five playable characters progressively unfolds. Within the acts of each chapter, the player can obtain information relating to the upcoming “mission”, as well as buy and sell goods prior to setting off for the next destination. There is an overarching chronological story that is split among the five characters, with their individual stories intersecting at places (for example, early on within Gwendolyn’s progression, Gwendolyn will fight Velvet, an event duplicated in Velvet’s story progression). As a result, the player will slowly experience the entire sequence of events from each characters’ limited point of view. Only one character story is available at the start, but as the player completes those stories, the “books” for other characters unlock one at a time.

The story is quite awesome as I already finished this game on the Playstation 2 version but I hope the story has some twist or secrets with its version now on the Playstation 4. Most of the characters’ attack pattern has changed, new skills, better graphics and I love it!

I’m definitely going to buy Odin Sphere and play again ❤



Battleborn is just awesome!

From the creators who made Borderlands comes a new game Battleborn! This game is just awesome as there are a lot of heroes to pick from, Now that they recently launched the Open Beta for everyone to play ( You don’t have to be subscribed PSN to play ). They are giving: A thank you gift to the PS4 players who participate in the Open Beta, that we will receive the first Battleborn DLC Pack 1 and instant access to Alani upon release. In addition, PS4 players will have access to the Battleborn hero, Toby, during the Open Beta.

Split Screen Co-op (PVP)

I played with my Brother IIIMercuryIII on the same console as they game allows you to play in split screen. We played on a 5vs 5 match. I selected my hero

Character Select

Thorn (Archer class) while he picked Marquis (Sniper/Territorial Class) . We were up against players who were 10-20lvs ahead of us
The heroes look amazing as every heroes has their roles to play similar to those MOBA games like League of legends, etc. Our goal in the match is to help our minions reach the grinder unlike Other games out there you punch the nexus to death but here, you cannot just destroy it, you would have to escort the minons to win.w6
The game starts where all 5 of us are inside a lobby being guided by the announcer in game, as soon as the countdown starts, there are two lanes (Depending on the map as currently the map open is paradise for this Match.) Players get to earn shards as this is the currency used to build Turrets to help defend territory, Accelerators to control minions’ movement, Supply Stations to recover health for nearby team members and MX Elite Bots that are tougher and stronger compared to the normal minions. To earn shards, we noticed that there were big Shard Clusters that give tons of shards to be utilized in the match. Upon playing the game we noticed we should not ignore the minion waves and always escort them in order to win the match.

w1Matching up against a high level player has its disadvantages as they are able to utilize other skills for their heroes which are not yet unlocked by new players. But it really depends on player skills and teamwork to win. So, to make the story short we won!

Cannot wait for Battleborn to launch once open beta ends.

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We can’t wait for the PlayStation VR to be Released

PlayStation VR, known by the codename Project Morpheus during development, is a virtual reality gaming head-mounted display developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and manufactured by Sony, scheduled to launch in October 2016. Now I wasn’t expecting PlayStation VR to have its prices at $399 compared to its competitors, and  especially that it will hit stores in October 2016 – just in time for Christmas.

I can’t wait for these to be out in Public. As the future seems bright ❤

I wonder how players would feel when they play Fantasy games and see the world within the VR, how they would react if they were playing a horror game as they are being followed by monsters and ghosts. Oh gaaadd…

I Love you PlayStation!

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I Won @ PlayStation®Plus Helldivers Skill Challenge!

This is my very first entry to join a competition against Professional players as Playstation said: “Hardcore, cooperative PS4® shooter “Helldivers” is one of the most popular games among PlayStation® fans. They know that many of us players are now very skillful at the game (especially good at not to be killed by friendly-fire LOL), so they decided to hold a “Helldivers™
Skill Challenges” exclusively for PlayStation®Plus members from 4 Feb to 14 Feb to test our skills as a Helldiver!

As they had two challenges which were

Award One: The Most Perfect Mission Award

The 3 persons who finish any one mission of Level 5 in Bug Faction with the shortest time will be awarded! All objectives have to be completed.(Objectives)。

Award Two: The Most Powerful Shooter

The 3 persons who have the most number of kills in any one mission of Level 5 in Cyborg Faction will be awarded! All objectives have to be completed. If the numbers of kills are the same, then the one with less number of deaths will get
the prize.

I was so happy to get the first place on the challenge “The Most Powerful Shooter” and that my entry was featured at PlayStation’s Blog! Woooot! You can check it here.

You can see here that I was utilizing the walker to defeat enemies especially the hard robots who were using shields as the walker’s rocket was very effective for the big guys who had shields and the minigun’s huge stack of ammo for light enemies. Knowing that I was low level compared to the high levels participating for this competition. I have never been so happy to see my entry featured and won first prize.

You can watch my Video Entry here.

I bought a Just Dance 2016 with the Voucher that I won from the Challenge for my family to play. Thank you so much PlayStation for giving us this challenge to participate! As I was not alone when I was playing this game, I had my siblings working coop with me to get the best path how to win the challenge.

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